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Turkey Tail

Strengthen your pet’s immune system. A 100% natural way - to fight off infections & parasites.

Tiredness getting your pet down? Rekindle their energy with Turkey Tail. So they can get back to being playful. And feel focused all day. Rather than sleepy!

A healthier body =a happier pet.  

Main Benefits

Immune Health

Improved Energy Levels

Adaptogenic Support

Manage Inflammation



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30 day money back guarantee

100% Natural

UK Owned company

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Turkey Tail Information

✅  Quantity → 100g

✅  100% Naturalsafe for your furry friend to consume

✅  30% Beta D Glucans → helps balance your pets Immune Health

✅  Fruiting Body Extract → gives your pet more nutritional goodness (like minerals & vitamins)

✅  Water-Based Extraction → provides your pet with the highest concentration of Beta D Glucans (natural immune-boosters)


- 0-5      kg → ¼ teaspoon 

- 6-11    kg → ½ teaspoon 

- 12-22 kg → 1 teaspoon 

- 23-33 kg → 1.5 teaspoons 

-33+     kg → 2 tsp

Directions: The powder is simple to use. You can mix or sprinkle it into your pet’s food.

Psst… are you feeding a dog? Then we’ve got 2 words for you…

Peanut. Butter. That’s right, mix the powder in. And watch that tail wag with joy.

Nutrition per 100g

kcal: 400, Total fat 0g, Saturated fat 0g, Total Carbohydrates 50g, Total Sugar 0g, Added sugar 0g, Dietary Fibre 50g, Protein 50g, Salt 0g

I thought mushrooms could be poisonous (sometimes). Are medicinal mushrooms safe for cats and dogs?

Yes, our medicinal mushrooms are safe. (For pets over 6 months old)

You see, the powders flood your pet’s body with nutritional goodness. Like antioxidants that prevent diseases & early aging. And support your pet’s heart.

The most famous benefit… is the improvement in immunity. That way, your pet can fight off infections better.

Research has suggested that medicinal mushrooms can even help to ease the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Speaking of side-effects - our high-quality mushroom supplements don’t carry the same risks as medications. Thanks to its pure & natural essence.

[Please note: just like humans, some pets can be allergic to mushrooms. If you’re unsure whether your pet is allergic – no worries, start with a smaller dose.
You can always apply our 30-day money-back guarantee.]


How do I know which mushroom powder is best for my pet?

For immune healthAny powder you pick will help with your pet’s immunity. They all contain Polysaccharides, which is the infection-fighting nutrient.

For a specific health issue → See the main health benefits for each product. And pick whichever is most suitable.

For chemotherapy support → take Turkey Tail. It’s the most well-researched of all the mushrooms. Plus, it has the added benefit of improving your pet’s energy.

For general health benefits → take the Health Boost blend. It enhances your pet’s health functions - like supporting their organs. Great for preventative care!

Need some more help choosing? Please contact us - so you can find the right product that sustains your pet. Don’t worry, our support team doesn’t bite. ;)


What are the active ingredients in the powder?
30% Beta D Glucan


Are Antioxi Pets mushrooms made from the Fruiting Body? Or Mycelium? 

Our Turkey tail is made from the fruiting body. This gives your pet a higher concentration of the mushroom’s active ingredient (Beta D Glucans.)

I’m confused - what’s the difference between the mushroom powder & the powder extract?

Here’s a (simplified) summary. So we have the…

-Raw mushroom = the whole mushroom.
-Mushroom powder = dried mushrooms - ground into powder. Goes into giant pressure cookers that pre-digest the cell walls.
-Mushroom powder extract = dried mushrooms - ground into powder. The powder is cooked with water/alcohol, to extract the 

medicinal properties. Then a spray dryer removes all the liquid - leaving a (ta-da!) fully-active powder.

All of our mushroom products are powder extracts. Here’s why that benefits your pet. 
The long-term cooking process allows for…

1. Better control over the medicinal properties that remain in the final product. So your pet’s quick intake can go a long way. And improve their health.

2. Beta D Glucans can be up to 15 times more concentrated in powder extracts - compared to powders. Sustaining your pet with more natural immune-boosters.

3. Easier access for your pet’s body - to the medicinal goodness. And easier absorption too.


How do you extract the nutrients from the mushrooms? 

Here’s a (simplified) description. So during the extraction process, the mushroom’s nutrients are dissolved as much as possible. 

This extraction can be done with...

-Hot water


-Both (dual extraction)

Our Turkey Tail powder has undergone a water based extraction. This helps preserve the most Beta Glucans - the nutrient that balances the immune system.


Where do your mushrooms come from?

We’re open about our mushrooms being sourced from China. In fact, in China medicinal mushrooms have a rich, cultural history. Going on a 1000+ years!

You see, we only want to provide genuine mushroom supplements. This wouldn’t be doable in Europe - in terms of the climate, economics & resources.

And remember: all products are free of pesticides. The mushrooms are grown in a controlled environment. They’ve been tested for elements, such as heavy metals. 

No toxins. No chemicals. No starch. Nada. If you ask, we’re happy to send the lab reports

Turkey Tail Powder Benefits

In many ways, our pets are like us. Their bodies also rely on certain cells - that act like security guards. Killing invading microbes and fighting off tumours.

And like us… our pet’s immunity can weaken. And even malfunction.

Thankfully, the Turkey Tail mushroom helps boost the production of those safe-guarding cells. And activates the immune system.

You see, the mushroom contains 2 powerful Polysaccharides, known as PSK and PSP. They help protect your pet from bacteria, viruses and pesky parasites.

Plus, these compounds can adapt to different types of immunity needs. For pets with overactive immune systems - Turkey Tail can reduce inflammatory responses. 

Overall, Turkey Tail helps balance your pet’s health. So young or old - your pet can enjoy a reduced risk of disease. And be playful for longer!

Does your pet seem less energetic these days? 

It can be hard seeing your companion lose their fun-loving spirit. Especially as they grow older. And especially when health issues strike.

So reduce your pet’s tiredness. And revitalise their endurance and focus. Using Turkey Tail.

You see, some researchers gave extracts of Turkey Tail to mice. And what did they find? Well, the mice...

-Became less tired

-Improved their exercise performance (stamina)

-Had healthier blood sugar levels

So let your pet enjoy a new burst of energy. That way, they can be more alert and engaged with their surroundings.

Watch them return to their energetic selves – endlessly chasing something shiny.

Turkey Tail is an “adaptogen” meaning that it can help your furry friend adapt to various stressors in the environment. Adaptogens stimulate your body's stress-protection response and help its systems return to a balanced state called "homeostasis." Thus weather your pet is struggling with energy levels or digestive issues, turkey tail can help.

It can be hard to look after your pet’s health. There’s so much to think about…  
Like their heart health. And cancer risks. And blood sugar levels. And viruses.

And it’s not exactly fun to think about these things. Who has the time?

Well luckily, your care-taking can become simpler -- with Turkey Tail. You see, it’s packed full of powerful antioxidants. Which help protect your pet from inflammation festering in the body.

That’s why this mushroom is great for fighting off future health issues, too. It can lower your pet’s risk of developing serious diseases. Including strokes & heart disease.

Now you can help stabilise your pet’s health. So your furry friend can feel better – no matter the season.



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